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Cuban seed cigars now availableToday marks a new era of thinking.. yes as cigar smokers we are certainly excited, but this progress is obviously to do with more important matters.  Our President is thinking outside the box.  It has been over 50 years and no president has taken a proactive position in relation to Cuba.  In times like these we should be grateful that we live in such a great and open minded nation that is concerned with humanity and evolvement of all.  I commend the President in his forward thinking and I hope we have an opportunity to embrace the Cuban people in a way they deserve.  Governments aren’t always correct in the way they govern, and they are certainly flawed.   In the near future I hope and pray that we as Americans and our United States government keep our intentions human and compassionate.Laith Haddad - Owner, The Cuban Seed Cigar Co.

Properly aged tobacco

We take our time making our fine cigars and let our tobacco reach its peak of flavor.  Our fine cigars are aged a minimum of 7 years, which is 5 times the industry standard.  Some of our fine cigars are even aged 18 and 20 years.  Like fine wines, tobacco improves with proper aging.  This is just another factor that ensures our cigars will be some of the best you have ever smoked.

We are constantly in the pursuit of perfection.  Smoking our fine cigars is a truly enjoyable experience without the harshness of other cigars.  Increased tobacco age is the prime factor in the smoothness of the smoke and our tobacco has matured to its peak.

premium aged tobacco

Boutique cigar manufacturer

For over seventy years we have been manufacturing premium quality boutique cigars made in small batches to ensure consistency.  Our cigars start with Cuban seed tobacco and are hand rolled by master rollers to ensure our cigars meet the demands of the most seasoned smokers.

Love Cuban Cigars?

If you are a fan of fine cuban cigars then you will absolutely love our cigars.  We blend our cigars to closely resemble popular cuban cigars so closely that seasoned smokers have a hard time telling the difference.  Cuban cigars are aged an average of 1.5 years, our tobacco averages 12+ years making for a much more refined smoke.

blended to match cuban cigars

Handmade cigars made in small batches

We hired a photographer that specializes in product photography and has a love for fine cigars.  This way we were able to capture the true essence of our cigars and properly display their beauty.  We wanted you to be able to see the quality of our fine cigars online and get a good idea of what you will receive when you order.  We take great pride in all areas of our business, from our cigars to our customer service, so you can rest assured that we will go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction.